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Blueberry Picking

blueberry picking blueberry picking

When I was little, my grandfather and I would drive up to Blueberry Hill. They were low blueberry bushes, where you had to sit on the ground with your bucket and pick. I was always told to wait, not eat any, or else we’d be there even longer trying to fill the bucket so grandma could make us blueberry pie.

But I would sneak some fruit as we were blueberry picking. One for me – three for the bucket. One for me – two for the bucket. And this would go on until we had enough.

That was years ago, when I was less than a teenager and living in Vermont. I haven’t been blueberry picking since then. So when Andy showed up to my house over the weekend and told me to wear something comfortable, I was pleasantly surprised that we ended up at Butternut Farm in Farmington.

And when we got there, I was so confused. Where was the hill of blueberries. All I saw were tall bushes lining the field. They were blueberry bushes, I learned. And full of fruit. So much so, that I didn’t think twice about eating a few as we filled the bucket and dragged our wagon. There were so many, and by the time we were all tired out, our teeth were blue and we had a bag full of berries.

So my question for you all today is, what should we make with our blueberries? I’ll probably drag him back there soon, so I’m not afraid of running out. But I need ideas other than a traditional blueberry pie. What would you make?

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The Most Photographed Lighthouse

Nubble Lighthouse Maine

I keep meaning to post this. About a month ago I took my first trip to Nubble Lighthouse. Yes, I realize that seems odd that it was my first time there. It seems odd, even to me, that for all the time that I’ve lived in New England and for all the summers I spent going to York, Maine, that I had never been to Nubble Lighthouse until recently. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of pictures of it, it is, after all, the most photographed lighthouse.

But it was random. After a day at the zoo, Andy decided we were going on a mini road trip. We got lost for a bit and he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. And despite all my frustration of getting turned around about five times, I was super excited when we finally pulled up to the lighthouse, although I quickly realized how little parking they have there.

I completely suggest going mid-week, during the day, when no one is around. Only one-and-a-half laps around the mini lot and we found a spot, walked up to the grassy knoll, and Andy pulled out some cameras – digital and film (of course). That’s me taking a photo of the lighthouse, although you really can’t tell from that angle that I even have a camera in my hands.

We even ran into a man who was spearfishing. Very cool, and his fish was huge! (Well, in my opinion anyway.)

Spearfishing in Maine

Spearfishing in Maine

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Farm Fresh in Dover



I have fallen madly in love… with a farmstand called Tendercrop Farm.

Let’s back up. About three years ago, I wrote a story about a youth movement – a younger generation of farmers emerging in agriculture, growing more farm fresh produce (Read Here). This was at Tuttle Farm, just down the road in Dover.

Since then, the farm has been sold, revamped, and a new farmstand/store has come into existence inside the big red barn. I’ve been ever curious, but without time in my busy schedule, had yet to stop by to investigate. That is, until this weekend.

On my way back from working an afternoon shift, I pulled in. And I’m so glad I did. Inside was fresh baked bread, made-on-site ice cream, fresh veggies, and smoked meats. Like a little oasis of garden heaven, and all within the prices of the grocery store – some even better!

I spent a good 45 minutes wandering the farm fresh fruits and vegetables, looking at the ripe strawberries, bundled carrots, and massive heads of cabbage. I wanted to buy it all, but stopped myself, leaving with some of those carrots, a ring of kielbasa, and green peppers.

The best part? At the register my cashier told me there was a promotion going on – free strawberries for every customer. No joke!

Let’s just say they got my vote, I may be heading there before the grocery store from now on…


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Snowboarding: Gunstock

Yes, it was extremely cold at this weekend at Gunstock Mountain Resort. No, I didn’t let that stop me from going snowboarding. Yes, this was the first time I was able to go this season.

You see, snowboarding is still technically something new to me. I only started a little less than 10 years ago. I spent my first three times bascially crying as I was told to climb the bunny hill and then attempt to stand up and slowly “falling leaf” my way down the hill.

I learned the beauty of a helmet, quickly, especially one that fits me. And when I was brought to the top of Killington for the first time with the instructions to get myself down, I was more than grateful that I had people who were exceptionally patient with me at the mountain that day.

I’m not one of those people who has a seasons pass. I don’t have enough time to get to any mountain enough to make it worth it. Which is probably why it was ok that we ended up at Gunstock on Saturday. It was closer than Loon, which is were I usually go, so if it was too cold and we had to leave, I didn’t feel like we had to travel that far to get home.

So we packed up – with more layers than you can imagine – and headed to Gunstock. I think Becky had four pairs of socks with her, and with a weather report telling us all week it had been almost zero, she wasn’t completely crazy for doing so.

Turns out, though, that it was much warmer than we expected. Still cold, though. I almost never wear anything that covers my mouth and if you look at the picture in this post, you’ll quickly see I was almost indistinguishable with my black felt warmer. Couldn’t tell me from a Yeti wearing a Smith helmet.

Pleasantly pleased though. We lost count of how many runs we got in, took the Panorama most of the time, sliding up the Tiger Triple at one point when we were too lazy to skate over after going down Tiger. Plus, even though the line grew and dwindled all day, we barely ran into any crowds on the trails.

So, who wants to go snowboarding? I’m itching to go again soon!