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I’m on TV, Well, Kinda…. Seacoast Helicopters

Helicopter Helicopter2


So, awhile ago a friend of mine asked if I had ever been in a helicopter. No, I hadn’t. And yes, I would love to go in one some day. What I wasn’t expecting was him to ask if I would do it almost immediately. I also didn’t expect him to say, would you like to be in a commercial, too.

How was I going to say no to that?

So I put on my best “business woman” attire and prepared my strut. “Serious business woman” was my cue, and I have to say, for never being in a commercial before, I think I did pretty well.

(Ok, I lied. I’m pretty sure there’s a video of me in a pizza commercial from when I was a toddler. I’ll have to find that and show you all some day.) But if you want to check out the video, click below. How’d I do?



Film by: Max Aperture Films

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Smitty’s : Dinner and a Movie

So it was forced upon me to go to the movies. Okay, okay, I wasn’t forced, but to be fair, I haven’t gone to the movies in a few years. I think the last thing I saw was Thor (2011), which I only went because one, I’m a geek, and two, it had Chris Hemsworth in it. So when I was asked to go to Smitty’s I was first, so confused because I didn’t know what it was, and second super pumped when I learned it’s dinner and a movie all in one.

But this time, it only took a mention of Jake Gyllenhaal (obsessed with Donnie Darko….. just a bit) and Hugh Jackman to get me in the car. Oh yeah, and apparently you can have dinner and drink beer (by the pitcher) at the theater. Winning! Smitty’s in Sanford, you’re brilliant.

 So I gave in, and went on the date. I have to say, though, the movie Prisoners was fantastic. So unexpected that I would go to a suspenseful thriller, but despite having to cover my eyes a few times, I couldn’t get enough of it. While Hugh Jackman was searching for his daughter, I was inched on the edge of my seat, whispering what I expected the outcome to be, and blown away when the big reveal came.

Honestly, even for those who get a bit antsy at the thought of blood and horror films, I really think if you like any sort of psychological thrillers, you should go see this movie. Even if you wait until it comes out on Netflix or you have to head to the nearest Redbox, go see it.

 And yay! for beer at the movies! (Oh, and yeah, I totally ignored my diet for the night. That’s a bacon and cheese, onion ring and BBQ sauce covered burger with waffle fries… that happened.)

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Vegucated – Documentary Review

I will preface this with I do eat meat, and I have seen enough educational material from PETA (who I think should stop doing naked campaigns) and other organizations to know what is going on around the world. Yes, it makes me sick to think that animals are treated unfairly, but I still find myself eating hamburgers and chicken nuggets. I’ve gone weeks without meat before, I’ve downed my dairy intake at other points, and I’ve increased my veggie intake.

Okay, here we go. I was sitting around my apartment the other day and flipping through documentaries on Netflix. I love watching documentaries, I’ve even made my own. Learning about new things and further educating myself is why I became a journalist. So even if you don’t believe in what others think, I believe you should learn about it.

Vegetarian? Learn why meat eaters eat pork chops. Carnivorous diner? Learn why vegans make the efforts to be meat free and alter their lifestyles. I think the same thing should be said for evolutionists and creationists, Republicans and Democrats, and atheists and people with strong religious views. You don’t have to agree with the other half, just know where they’re coming from.

So when I see a documentary on veganism, I’m hooked. I found Vegucated on Netflix. Three New Yorkers agree to go on a vegan diet for six weeks. For those of you who don’t know, it’s way more than just eating only veggies. You’d be surprised. It’s quirky, educational, yet keeps my attention the whole time. That’s hard to do, because I feel it’s very easy to lose your viewers with a documentary. I really do recommend you find it and watch it. Preview here:

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OK Go: You are amazing

If you haven’t watched Ok Go’s new music video for “This Too Shall Pass,” then you’re missing an incredible spectacle of timing, gears and pizzaz.

As a kid, I had found old drawings of Rube Goldberg machines in books. They were of these elaborate contraptions that would have a chicken lay an egg, which would start a bicycle tire to spin, which would blow up a balloon that would pop and all of that would lead to an orange being squeezed for some juice. They were the most perplexing contraptions for the simplest of tasks.

Ok Go took it to the next level. The timing was perfect, down to the clinking of glasses to the tune of their song. Umbrellas flew, a television glided to its demise and pulleys dragged people and things all over the studio. It was delightful and done in one single shot. No cuts, no dramatic videography, just pure, simple engineering.

The video was filmed in a two-story warehouse in Los Angeles, Calif. The contraption was designed and built by the band and members of Syyn Labs. It took months to make and was well worth the effort. There are barely enough words to describe how incredible this one single video is nor how amazing the links to each part are set together.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s alread had over 10,000,000 views, so what’s a few more.

OK Go is a Chicago rock band which now resides in Los Angeles. It is made of Damian Kulash (vocals/guitar), Tim Nordwind (bass guitar/vocals), Dan Konopka (drums/percussion) and Andy Ross (guitar/keyboards/vocals.) Ross joined OK Go in 2005 to replace Andy Duncan. In 2007, the band won a Grammy for “Best Short-Form Music Video” for “Here It Goes Again,” in which the band had a choreographed routine on treadmills. It also won the 2006 YouTube Award for Most Creative Video.