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Kmart Freebies Haul June

I have never really stopped finding deals. No matter if I’m working full-time, part-time, or even when I was in college, I know looking for a deal is as easy as keeping your eyes open to keep your wallet full. I’ve already told you all about Fit Studio, Shop Your Way, and how to get free items from Kmart and Sears. But there are so many people I know who have a FitBit and do not hook it up to anything for products.

Let’s be honest, I’m not talking about walking out of a store with free Reeboks or a new couch, but it adds up. This week, a simple trip with my accumulated $8 worth of points, picking the right products, and voila, FREE stuff! I paid nothing over what I had for points, and there is no requirement to make a paid purchase. All I had to do was walk every day to earn enough points for my purchase and remember to make my purchase before my points expired.

So many Kmart freebies over the last month, these products included: conditioner, detangler, eyeliner, powder, toothpaste.

If you have not purchased a FitBit yet, you should. You not only can earn points here, but you can also earn points at Walgreens! All just for walking, which you’re going to do anyway.

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Amazon For College Students

Back to School I just found a fantastic online deal from Amazon for everyone going back-to-school, a great deal from Amazon for college students. Get cheap text books, dorm supplies, furniture, music, and movies. Plus free 2-day shipping!!

I remember searching for deals when I went back to school each fall. Mostly because I had other things I’d rather spend my money on than a $200 textbook I was only going to use for a semester. (How do they get away with that??) And so I could go out to eat with my friends or hit up the cafe, I saved where I could. You’d be surprised how much money you can make by returning cans for deposits.

By my senior year, I was working three jobs (work study at the library, making sandwiches at the cafe, and selling newspaper ads for our college paper) and completing two senior seminars. I would have given anything to have the savvy deals of the Internet I find now. Krazy Coupon Lady, where were you then?? So while I can’t use this deal, I’m sure there are plenty of you college students out there that can. So let me know how it goes.

If you join, you get the following deals with Amazon for college students (those with *’s you get free for the first 6 months, if you stay you get deals on the following, it looks like.):

  • *Free Unlimited 2-Day Amazon Shipping
  • *$10 credit for every friend you refer
  • Unlimited movie and TV show streaming (Hello, True Blood!!)
  • Free Kindle books to borrow
  • Unlimited music streaming!

Click here to get started and save money on all your back-to-school shopping.